1. I am thankful to have found these 2 beautiful women during this transition in my life. They have helped to open my eyes to new and better ways of living. I am so excited to be attending next weekend!

    (Posted on 2008-10-03 14:55:00 by Johnnelle)
  2. BIu

    (Posted on 2008-09-30 02:36:00 by Nicy)
  3. I have waited for this for some time! To be around a collective group of wholistic women with the common goal in mind-healing our "Sacred Selves" mind, body and spirit! Thus the Universe presented this forum! Blessing to the Universe for this gift and to all the sacred women in my circle!

    Womb Wellness!

    (Posted on 2008-09-25 03:51:00 by Ebony Afi Jones)
  4. Greetings, I am excited to witness the joining of your beautiful and strong energies. Souls and wombs will healed in great numbers because of this blessed union of forces. Thank you both for remaining committed to your purpose of showing us the way. I love and support you always! With love, Jennifer

    (Posted on 2008-09-19 22:17:00 by Jennifer Burnett)

On Our Purpose

Women are seeking a healing space.....this is it!

In speaking with women from all over the country and the world, the main emotion is "relief" when they are told about this Fibroid Free! Womb Wellness Women's Conference.

So many feel that they have been through so much with their bodies, their cycle and a long string of Practitioners, both Natural and Conventional.

We want and need answers.

This is the space to understand your journey and to use this journey to strengthen yourself.

This healing space is the place to regenerate and empower your body and your mind...

I have made quite a few changes in my life during this past year. I dissolved my marriage of 18 years and did what I advocate to so many women. Look at your Life! If you aren't living your Passion, change it. You deserve to Live Your Passion and Feel Good every Day!

I am passionate about helping families to heal , women to heal...

Women must realize their power. We run the world, either through men, our children or directly. We have an impact that spans generations.

All Women transmit culture and whatever traditions & rituals that women teach their families, people continue to do without question. That is the power of the Woman.

Use this same influence/power to heal yourself.
Its' time. Its' a time for everything and this is the time to heal women.

Here at Womb Wellness Women's Conference is the space for Women teaching women to be women, and they in turn heal comm"womb"unities.

This healing radiates out in a circle to heal the planet, which is in great need of healing.

 This is the time to seek out your place during your healing soul-journey.

We believe that you deserve it. I Believe IT!!

 We are here to change our-story, her-story, to one of peace, upliftment, joy, healing and renewal ! A Woman's Life Enhancement..."Women teaching Women How to Be!"

Join us!

Pre-recorded "Womb Love" Calls are here: :
Start Here:

Listen to us online at (use code
42692) The Fibroid Free Support Network

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